We were invited to help a family whose 13 year old daughter has been struggling with a serious brain tumor since she was 6 years old. The cancer has taken a terrible toll on this sweet child and her family. Marti Love has endured 14 surgeries (most recently a 10.5 hour craniotomy). Complications arising from those have caused her to lose most of her vision, suffer a stroke that has affected her right side and numerous other issues that have made life challenging.


Ground Zero Grace was able to build a bedroom for Marti Love on the main living area of the family’s home. She can no longer negotiate the stairs to her bedroom and has a long road of rehab and recovery ahead of her.


Upon seeing the "finished product", we were moved to tears. It is so beautiful and just so... perfect!


Chuck Rigdon, who oversaw the entire project, has an uncanny ability to bring people together and coordinate all the vendors to give the family exactly what they wanted and needed. GZG could absolutely not do what it does without him.

Our prayers continue for the Terrell family as they strive together for healing for Marti Love.