"Game Changer" - Justin's Miracle

"GAME CHANGER".. Those are the words of Justin's father, Dalvin, as we began Stage 1 of creating a living space for his son yesterday. You may remember from a previous post that this sweet young boy has endured 15 surgeries in his first 7 years of life. Whew.

Dalvin and his wife Michelle had scraped and saved as much as they could over the past few years, but were painfully short of funds needed for this renovation and were desperate for help.

They called us and God answered.

Do you believe in miracles?

We wanted to help, but our bank account was near zero. Here is where God showed up. (Again)

After a post about this family, I was contacted by an old college friend that I had not laid eyes on or spoken to since 1974. There is no other explanation, but that God moved her to read the story and ask "How much money do you need?" I told her and she wrote a check for the full amount. Unbelievable!

As we wrapped up our work on Saturday, we gathered around Dalvin and Justin. We prayed. Dalvin cried and God smiled.

To be continued....