Mission Complete!

Thanks to all who made this Mission of Mercy possible. God richly blessed our time in Orange, Texas.



I’m not kidding when I tell you it could not have gone any better...in every conceivable way!

The folks with the First Baptist Church opened their Hearts and entire beautiful church facility to us! Air conditioning, hot showers and a place to sleep. Their kindness and affection refreshed us!


The families we were able to serve had some enormous needs. Your generous contributions provided hundreds of dollars worth of materials to put these people back into their homes!


I can’t say enough about the men and women who made the trip and paid the price with some back breaking labor. We’re all shaking our heads at the finished product of the weekend. Not just at what we did in peoples homes, but also at what God did in our hearts!


We’re coming home different than when we left. Better. Richer. Fuller.

So, another Adventure in the Books! Onward and Upward!