THE CALL - Laura & Her Sons

We’ve all gotten one, haven’t we?
I got another one on Wednesday night.

A woman who had recently lost her husband to suicide, still wild with grief called asking for help.

Her furnace was not working and the plumbing was backing up.
Because of your gifts, I was able to tell her we would help.

When she asked how much it would cost and I told her “nothing”, she began to weep with relief and gratitude.


The next morning, Chuck Rigdon arrived at her door and began to set things in motion to solve her plumbing issues.

Later in the day, Joe Pinson, one of our Board members, sent his crew from ACS Heating and Air.

Last night she was sleeping in a warm house, for the first time in weeks!

Her message to me was “My home feels as if life is coming back and death is no longer. I can hardly write for tears of thankfulness and have prayed non-stop that the miracles in my life will show that our Heavenly Father is real…”

Pray for Laura and her three sons, Dylan, Zachariah and Seth.